History & Purpose

The Kids Voting program was launched in Mesa County in 1996
during the presidential election by a group of Mesa County community
members. These local leaders had heard of a national group, Kids Voting
USA, which was formed in 1988 by three businessmen on vacation to
Costa Rica. While there, these businessmen learned that Costa Rica's
voter turnout was typically around 90%. This high turnout was
attributed to a tradition of children accompanying their parents to the
polls. The men were intrigued by the idea and launched a school-based
pilot project in a Phoenix suburb that has since grown into the national
Kids Voting USA organization.

Kids Voting Mesa County serves the entire county. It involves an
estimated 23,000 students in:

  • Mesa County Valley School District 51
  • De Beque School District 49JT
  • Plateau Valley School District 50
  • private, parochial, alternative, and home schools

Our board, together with our community leaders, is tireless in our
efforts to further civics education, dialogue, and participation in
our young people.


Our Champions of Democracy